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What are the important tips to clear the IAS Prelims in the very first attempt?

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IAS Prelims has been just two months away and every other IAS aspirant must be fully engrossed in winding up the vast syllabus. Might be, many of you have already completed the syllabus and preparing for the revision. Still, there are many who are still dealing with the vast syllabus and figuring out what to study and how.

Prelims exam is the very first step of the Civil Service Examination that requires the initial attention of the applicant. The exam paper is divided into two sections, which are named as Paper I (General Studies) and Paper II (Aptitude Test). Applicants must give equalized attention to both the papers as both are important in their own sense.

Keep an insight on the topics covered in Prelims. The topics that are covered in Paper I are current affairs, economics, history, geography, and social development and general issues covering bio-diversity, while the Paper II circulates around interpersonal skills and decision-making abilities.

Keep a thorough reading only. Prelims exam does not call for an in-depth understanding of the subject. Instead, a thorough reading of NCERT books will do the needful. Additionally, reading, general studies books will be more advantageous. A good reading will help you have an insight into what you can expect on the examination.

Read newspaper and competitive magazine daily. To enrich your mind with the past and current events and relevant facts and figures, make a habit to read the newspaper daily. While reading the newspaper, check out all the major happenings in the country and make a note of everything. Also, collect the most compelling magazines and point out the major issues and important events.

Practice more to enhance your answering ability. This is a must from exam point of view. Try to solve the last 5 years question papers. If possible, be associated with the best IAS coaching in Delhi and be a part of the mock test series, provided by such institute. Practicing the mock test will give you an advantage of enhancing your answering ability, to the maximum.

The preliminary examination is noted for its negative marking too. Thus, aspirants taking up the exam are advised to pick those questions, for which they are assured of. While attempting the exam, make sure to maintain the speed and accuracy. For this, start preparing for it at the earliest.

Since only two months are left for the big day. Don’t start anything new; which you feel like, you can’t complete it in time. Revise the things daily. Be strict to your future goal and take it as a motivation to move further.

Lastly, here are some quick to follow IAS tips for better results.

  • Focus on easy questions first.
  • Leave aside the difficult questions. Unless and until you are sure enough to make it a try. Don’t try it.
  • Try out the intelligent guesses and avoid random tricks at the max.
  • Practice as much as you can.

For success, the focus is very important. Thus, focus on what you want to achieve and follow the directives of the mentors of the top IAS coaching institute.

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