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IAS Interview Preparation Strategy

The Indian Administrative Service is the Civil Service Examination which conducts the toughest competitive exams every year by the central recruiting agency,...

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IAS Interview Preparation Strategy

The Indian Administrative Service is the Civil Service Examination which conducts the toughest competitive exams every year by the central recruiting agency, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is one of the most prestigious services in India among all other services. This grueling exam has three levels including preliminary, mains examination and personality & behavior test interview.

The final stage is most challenging as candidates have to present themselves in front of an esteemed board where the panel assesses the candidates’ personality, knowledge, communication, critical thinking, leadership and analytical skills. Moreover, the candidates are evaluated by asking questions related to their profile (interest & hobbies), general knowledge and current affairs, situational questions and behavioral questions.

What’s an IAS Interview?

It is not a mere interview but a holistic test of personality traits and qualities. It has been noticed, over the years, that those who performed exceptionally well in the interview were the top scorer in the final merit result.

A comprehensive interview preparation strategy can elevate the chances of getting victorious in the final stage with flying colors. In the first two rounds, general knowledge and understanding of the world politics of the aspirants are gauged but the final personality test focuses on the mental alertness and communication skills.

Working on your communication, presentability and body language are some of the important factors. There are some golden rules that can be effective while appearing in the final round of interviews for the IAS.

How to prepare for an IAS Interview?

Following are some of the factors to be kept in mind before going for an IAS Interview


They say, Dress for success is crucial for securing a positive node from the giants of perfection and professionalism. Make your first impression the lasting one by carefully selecting the professional and conservative apparel as the panel will start evaluating you the moment you will enter the room. The style, fit, color and the selection of accessories speak a lot about your personality and help in creating your aura. Pay attention to the details and think through the fine lines to look pleasing and professional.

Speak wisely

Verbal communication mirrors your personality and character. It is the exact reflection of one’s true nature. So Speak wisely is the key to be successful because communication holds more weightage than the performance in the previous rounds as a perfect resume and credentials will not be helpful if communication is not up to the mark.

Work on your selection of words while articulating a thought, with the appropriate pitch of the voice. It is common to lose control due the increased stress level while facing the different questions from the panel. Do not lose your cool! Be concise and apt in answering the questions and be conscious of your body language especially focusing the body posture. maintain the eye contact and smile often.

Listen carefully

Listen carefully to answer the questions confidently. showcase your manners and etiquettes while entering the room, greeting and sitting position. 

Mental alertness

The interview panel asks the unusual questions to check the mental alertness and the ability to quickly perceive the idea or a thought. Engage in mental workout to stimulate and challenge your mind by strengthening the art of mental alertness. It is crucial for IAS aspirants to be conscious of their surroundings and act accordingly. Be logical and smart while answering the questions.

Knowledge of current affairs

The knowledge of current affairs and contemporary social issues is of paramount importance. As IAS candidates, after selections, are expected to serve different governmental elite institutions so they ought to be abreast of latest development regarding social, political and economic scenarios. Candidates are expected to voice their opinion on current issues and general knowledge. Try to showcase a positive and optimistic attitude while combating the questions.

Know your profile better

Know the details of your profile, home town and nativity. Many questions are asked about the details that aspirants have provided in their bio or profile. Read the details multiple times and answer the questions like a pro about you, your background and indigenous practices.

Soft skills

To gauge the ability to tackle an unforeseen situation interview panel mostly ask situational and scenario based questions. These hypothetical scenarios based questions are asked to put you in speculative situation and explain what actions you would take to check your preparedness. candidates should demonstrate their soft skills by answering the question and predicting their performance at a specific challenging position. 

Be Honest

Show your honesty and integrity while answering the question posed by the panel. It will impact in building your personality impression into the eyes of the panel. Since, after the selection IAS aspirants are expected to serve the country ‘s top notch institution, it is important to showcase the spirit of uprightness and high standard morality. Do not lie or brag about the things you have not done.

Practice Mock Interviews

Practice and practice the mock interview. It will help you in highlighting the weakness you have while speaking and generating the discourse. Invite expert mentors and friends to do the rehearsal and note their observations.

Complete the document file and check it twice before appearing in the interview it will save you from last minute hassle. Manage your document file that has to be presented to the panel.

These IAS Interview preparation tips can be very helpful in cracking the interview in the very first attempt.

Things to keep in mind while preparing for UPSC Interview

  • Answers should not be diplomatic
  • If you’re in doubt, say I don’t know
  • You should treat Interview members with the utmost respect
  • Attitude matters more than aptitude in an interview
  • Your mindset matters a lot
  • Try to keep a smile throughout the Interview
  • Confidence and positivity matters more in UPSC Exam
  • Expect questions on the latest controversial subjects
  • Must be able to give short and precise answers

The purpose of the interview is to discover your true personality and determine whether you have the characteristics and qualities that can make you an excellent civil servant. In other words, see if you are honest, trustworthy, analytical, and free of regional, religious or caste prejudices. Frankness and honesty are important, but you should not expose your internal prejudices. This is why you need to prepare.

In a nutshell, candidates need to work on their knowledge, personality and communication to be victorious in the process of screening by making a positive impression in the exams of IAS. 

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