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How can I prepare for the IAS exam?

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The IAS exam is not like any other exam. It is something different with a tint of assorted questions that allows an individual to achieve a reputed career opportunity. Not only the exam, but even the IAS job profile is also something that gives the aspirant, a reason to serve the Nation and humanity at its largest. Though remuneration is a part of the IAS service, what makes the applicant’s more attracted to this particular job or career is its inspirational journey.

On your regime to move towards this inspirational journey to become an IAS officer, you need to put in ‘Smart cum Hard’ efforts. Here I said ‘Smart cum Hard’ because hard efforts are necessary to accomplish something in life. But when the hard work is molded with a smart move, it actually brings the best outcome in the form of assuring success.

How to begin with a smart attempt?

To begin with, make a smart move and avoid following a rigid attitude towards learning. Confused? Let me explain.

Most of us follow the old perception of learning, i.e. reading tons of books, without bothering about their materiality. Most of us believe that a minimum of 10 hours of study is required to crack the IAS exam with a good score. This is what is known as hard work.

Now let’s talk about the smart move. Smartness here means following a well-planned and strategic method of learning that encompasses different approaches. For example, some follow selective reading, some take out the micro notes while learning, some take frequent mock tests, and so on.

Basically, the smart learning approach moves around making the learning process flexible with due focus on planning ahead to avoid confusions or stressful situations. Of course, planning for the preparation turns around the time available for the exam. You must count upon the time available and plan the study pattern.

How much time is required to prepare for IAS Prelims?

If we go on the expert’s notes, we found that a minimum of 10 month period is required to clear the IAS Prelims exam. According to them, 10 months time is enough to prepare well for the exam. Though you can take as much time for preparation as you want to, too much or too less is not always a favorable choice.

Too much time makes you lazy or prone to waste of time. In fact, keeping a less time limit is most of the time favorable as candidates tend to work best under moderately pressurized situations.

Stepping stone-design your preparation module

Outline the syllabus you have and design your preparation module for best results. Divide the syllabus into two; those in which you are good and those in which you need help. Follow the pattern for all the subjects and start working on them.

Though the IAS syllabus is bulky in nature, you have to divide it into easily manageable parts. Once you do it, the preparation will become easier for you.

Don’t feel the burden. Instead, enjoy the preparation.

Undoubtedly, the IAS exam preparation is a lengthy process and it’s obvious that you feel burdened with the heavy syllabus. Instead of making it lofty, make it fun and you will soon find the stress and anxiety associated with the exam vanish away.

Most aspirants follow the practice of leaving aside their hobbies and social circle just to focus on the exam. Keeping up with your hobbies and social circle makes you feel energetic to do your best and wipe away the burden of exams.

Don’t forget to gain the edge over other applicants

Before moving on to the preparation, remember your caliber and your ability through which you have chosen such a competitive career. Be stick to your career objective and make necessary efforts to stand ahead of other applicants. OR you can Join any Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for your future endeavors.

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