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History of UPSC Exam

Indian Administrative Services were known as Indian Imperial Services and the first Indian to clear this reputed exam was none-other than the...

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History of UPSC Exam

Indian Administrative Services were known as Indian Imperial Services and the first Indian to clear this reputed exam was none-other than the brother of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Satyendra Nath Tagore

Many people don’t know that this exam was not conducted in India first and all the aspirants have to go abroad to take this exam. This was done to discourage Indians from appearing in this exam by British rule. 

UPSC syllabus is sought to be the toughest syllabus not only in India but also in the world. 

Current UPSC exam

UPSC examination may get postponed during the wake pandemic event of the CoronaVirus. However, it’s not decided yet. We all ought to wait for the notification by the UPSC board. Meanwhile, all the IAS aspirants could focus on their studies in a more detailed way because they have got ample time. 

If you want to become an IAS officer then you should know that there is no direct exam for IAS. Many of the students don’t know that they need to quality the UPSC exams to become an IAS or IPS officer.  These exams are conducted every year by UPSC ( A body of Indian Government). Exams are categorised in three parts. Prelims, Mains & Personal Interview. 

Preparation of UPSC exams

It’s almost a dream of every student in India to become an IAS officer and many students turn their dream into a reality as well. I personally know two people who come from very humble backgrounds yet they have qualified this reputed exam. Today, they are part of Indian Bureaucracy and serve the highest post in the nation. 

It’s not that easy to crack UPSC as it seems. Almost a million students appear in this examination every year and the selection number remains under 1000. You could easily gauge the competition. Nevertheless, the real competition is between 10 to 50 thousand students. Three layers of the exam make it more difficult. The last leg of the exam in the Personal Interview. Interviews are taken by retired IAS and IPS officers commissioned by UPSC.  

As mentioned above, UPSC exams are conducted every year. Prelims always take place in the month of May but month may vary if there is something unprecedented happening in the country. 

Mains exams take place on the 3rd of September every year and once you qualify this exam then you are called for a personal interview. It’s conducted next year for the qualifying students generally in the month of Feb every year.

How  can you prepare for UPSC exam

Once you appear for your graduation final year exam, you are eligible for UPSC exams. You can study at home or you could also take coaching. Many students from the village and small town migrate to Delhi and Kolkata for the IAS preparation. 

But, without coaching, you could also clear the IAS exam. There are many students who have not taken any coaching yet cleared this exam. However, opting coaching can save you time and it can help you in many other ways. 

Today, coaching institutes have many facilities like mock test series, interview assessment, regular feedback, seminars by retired IAS/IPS officers and many other things. Kolkata is a choice for many students who live in the northeast part of India. There are many top IAS coachings in Kolkata


Your strategy should be very focused to clear this exam. Due to the vast syllabus, it becomes necessary for the student what to read or what not to read. This helps you understand what is more important from an exam point of view. There is a certain magazine published by the Government of India, you should include those as well in your study plan. 

Few points to prepare your study plans:

  • Know your syllabus first
  • Read the previous year question paper
  • Watch some toppers interviews
  • Give extra time on weak subjects

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