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Top 10 IAS Coaching Institutes in Pune

UPSC aspirants often look for the Best IAS Coaching in Pune. IAS coaching will advise you on the best course for you...

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Best IAS Coaching in Pune

UPSC aspirants often look for the Best IAS Coaching in Pune. IAS coaching will advise you on the best course for you to take as a student. We are all aware of how tough the Civil Service Exam is. As a result, we’re on the lookout for the best UPSC coaching centers in Pune. We will discuss the contact information, address, fees, location, and ranking of the top IAS coaching institute in Pune in this article. To prepare for the UPSC exam in Pune, you must choose the best IAS prep school, IAS mains, and IAS interview. For civil service training, we have discussed the best optional IAS coaching center in Pune.

In Pune, we can see the best IAS coaching centers. The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is regarded as one of India’s most prestigious career profiles. Every year, tens of thousands of students take the UPSC’s IAS test. When you enroll in IAS coaching, you can learn. Do you know that 5,47,000 people applied for the IAS in 2012, which is approximately 35% more than the previous year? Who wouldn’t want to be a member of the IAS? However, without the proper instruction, aspirants would have a tough time passing this test. We will provide you with the most up-to-date information on the best UPSC coaching centers in Pune.

We’ll also tell you about the best Hindi-medium IAS coaching in Pune. What is the best English medium IAS coaching in Pune? If you want to prepare for the IAS exam in Pune using the Marathi language, we will provide you with a list of IAS coaching institutes that offer IAS classes in Pune.


The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the country’s premier civil service, falling under the umbrella of All India Services. IAS is a post in the Indian Police Service (IPS), and IFS is a post in the Indian Foreign Service (Indian Forest Services). Other UPSC posts include IRS and others. What are the requirements for taking the UPSC CSE Exam? The age limit for IAS is 21 to 32 years old. The age relaxation is determined by the category. Check it out on the UPSC website. Graduation is the minimum educational requirement for IAS. Citizenship should be granted to Indians.

As we all know, the IAS exam is extremely difficult, so now is the time to determine which coaching is best for you. The coaching is led by highly trained teachers who pay close attention to each pupil. The coaching that offers high-quality study materials to aid you during revision and exam periods.

How does IAS coaching help students prepare for the UPSC?

There are a plethora of coaching institutes where an aspirant can find something that meets his or her needs. We’ve compiled a list of the best IAS coaching centers in Pune based on the criteria below. The following is a curated list of coaching institutes with comprehensive details that has been ranked according to all of the above criteria. You are free to suggest something that fits your needs.

The civil services test is extensive and has a difficult examination process. The top 10 IAS Coaching Institutes in Pune play an important role in the preparation process. Of course, it isn’t as cost-effective as self-study. However, any of the Best IAS Coaching in Pune is well worth the money. Thousands of students aspire to work in the administrative services. You happen to be one of them.

It’s not easy to compete with all of them and gain your place. Being well-versed in academics isn’t the only criterion for passing the UPSC test. You must be able to express your responses deftly. UPSC Coaching in Pune will undoubtedly assist you in achieving success. In the end, it’s all about the hard work and planning. Consider these considerations when selecting a coaching institute. Do not select an academy solely on the basis of their commercials. It is important to conduct thorough research. You’ll need a mentor to help you through the process.

Candidates are prepared for the real exam by the test series offered by coaching institutes. Most IAS aspirants lose concentration and stop preparing if they are not supervised. We’ve done it for you in this blog post. The following list of IAS Coaching Institutes in Pune guarantees high-quality instruction. To compile this list, we looked at Google feedback, student testimonials, and thought leadership. Based on our research, all of the institutes were carefully chosen.

Pune’s Best IAS Coaching

The best IAS coaching center in Pune will assist you in preparing for the IAS test. The top ten IAS coaching institutes in Pune and you can enroll in any UPSC coaching institute. The best Civil Services Coaching in Pune will assist you in studying for the IAS Exam. The top IAS coaching institute in Pune was chosen based on a variety of factors like student feedback, IAS faculty, UPSC coaching infrastructure, and so on. IAS Exam Preparation in Pune, given by these top IAS coaching institutes, will undoubtedly assist you in passing the Indian Administrative Services test.

The IAS Exam aspirants in Pune are based, which means that their presence of mind and concentration must be razor-sharp, and their calculative pace must be at its peak, making it difficult to succeed in the IAS Examination. For the best IAS exam training, you can enroll in the best IAS Coaching Institute in Pune.

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Choose the Most Effective IAS Coaching in Pune

IAS Coaching in Pune will help you in your preparation for the civil services test. You can enroll in the best UPSC coaching center in Pune and thoroughly prepare for the Indian Administrative Service test. Best IAS Training Faculties in Pune are offered by Best Civil Services Coaching.

The IAS exam is well-known not only for the difficult marks it needs, but also for the fact that it is difficult for students in comparison, as more than 10 lakh students apply for all posts in the exam each year. This exam necessitates consistent effort and a high degree of handle intellect. Overall, tests are difficult to pass, but the only way to do so is to prepare and work hard. For this purpose, students enroll in a variety of classes and seek out the best tutoring possible in order to pass their exams.

If you are a UPSC aspirant who aspires to join the prestigious Indian Civil Service as a future civil servant, you must maintain strict self-discipline, proper preparation, and the right guidance. You can choose from ten UPSC coaching institutes in Pune included in this article. These institutions are ranked based on the quality of their teachers, reputation, research materials, teaching methods, public opinion, and financial resources.

List of Top Best IAS Coaching in Pune

  1. Legacy IAS Academy
  2. ALS IAS Academy
  3. The Unique Academy
  4. Paradigm IAS Academy
  5. Vihaan’s IAS Academy
  6. Abhyankar IAS Academy Pune
  7. Vijeta IAS Academy
  8. pioneer ias academy
  9. Chanakya IAS Academy
  10. Lakshya IAS Academy

1. Legacy IAS Academy

For civil service exam training, Legacy IAS Academy is one of the most reputable IAS Coaching institutes in India. Since its establishment, the Institute has consistently generated excellent results with the assistance of effective tutors, including seasoned IAS/IPS/IRS officers, academics, and exceptional tutors. Because of its facilities and cutting-edge teaching methods, it is regarded as the best IAS Coaching institute in India. For UPSC Exam training, join India’s No. 1 IAS Coaching in India.


  • With subject-specific faculty, the best coach for IAS training
  • The institute employs cutting-edge online and classroom training methods.
  • They have convenient and up-to-date research materials and notes that are aligned with the most recent syllabus.
  • Under the name Legacy IAS Academy, the centre provides free online classes as well as free videos for IAS training.
  • They have a long and consistent track record of IAS exam success.

Course Details

  • Foundation course (GS Prelims paper- I & II + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV + Optional subject)- 140,000
  • Optional Subject- 32,000
  • CSAT (GS Prelims paper- II)- 18,000
  • Essay preparation + Essay test series- 12,000
  • Prelims-cum-mains (GS Prelims paper – I +GS Mains paper – I, II, III & IV)- 95,000
  • Prelims preparation + prelims test series- 45,000
  • Prelims test series- 10,000
  • Mains test series- 19,500
  • Two years integrated course(Prelims-cum-mains X1 + Foundation course X1)- 1,80,000
  • 3 years integrated course(Prelims-cum-mains X2 + Foundation course X1)- 2,20,000

Contact Details

Address- #1535, 39th Cross Rd, Kottapalya, 4th T Block East, Jayanagara 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Phone: 096069 00004


2. The Unique Academy

The Unique Academy, which was established in 2006, is known as the best IAS coaching in Pune. This prestigious Academy is directed by Mr. Tukaram Jadhav and Mr. Malhar Patil. They want to increase the number of Maharashtra candidates in the Union Civil Services. To reserve a seat in one of the upcoming batches, candidates must pay the fixed registration fee.

Before the actual batch begins, the remaining fees must be charged. Candidates can also pay in full in advance if they are interested. The classes are held in an offline classroom environment. This UPSC Coaching in Pune, on the other hand, provides an online test series. Aspirants for the IAS exam can choose between weekday and weekend batches. Most notably, coaching is available in both English and Marathi. Unique IAS Academy charges nearly Rs 1,12,000 for the three-year integrated course.


  • They run their classes more like mentorship than traditional classroom instruction.
  • They have a strong infrastructure that makes studying simpler and more efficient on a daily basis.
  • They hold monthly workshops featuring former students who have passed the CSE.
  • They have research materials and notes that are up to date and consistent with the UPSC syllabus and question paper pattern.
  • The faculty is outstanding, with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields.

Contact Details

Address Shirole Road, Pune Location map S. No. 1202 / 39, Vastu Chambers, Shirole Road, Opposite Fergusson College Main Gate, Pune – 411004

Phone: 086007 76060


3. ALS IAS Academy

ALS IAS is a well-known name in IAS preparation not only in Pune but throughout India. In the UPSC test, this Civil Services Coaching has recorded over 2700 marks. This IAS academy has also produced a number of top performers. It is not only the best IAS coaching in Pune, but it is also the best IAS coaching online. This coaching was prepared for online studies long before lockout, and the classroom atmosphere is excellent and competitive. ALS IAS offers excellent notes, with almost one-fifth of students referring to this coaching’s notes and study materials.


  • This academy is also well-known among students for IAS preparation.
  • Their test series, dubbed “super mock test series,” is fantastic.
  • They have high-quality, detailed study materials.
  • There are more than 50 VSAT centers in their network.
  • They have a flexible research schedule that includes a lot of creative and technologically oriented study methods.
  • Their programs are well-suited to the syllabus and style of the prelims and mains exams.
  • They have top-of-the-line facilities.

Contact Details

Address: Dhruta capital, 2nd floor , Budhwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002


4. Paradigm IAS Academy

Paradigm IAS Coaching is one of Pune’s top civil service preparation centers. Apart from providing the best civil service guidance through classroom courses, the Institute also provides UPSC Experts’ Solid and Accurate IAS Notes. In the Pune branch of Paradigm UPSC Coaching, Ambrish Kumar is the Top Mentor. The Institute uses a top-verified methodical and scientific approach to cover the UPSC Syllabus in the best possible way. For English medium IAS students, Paradigm IAS Academy is the best UPSC Coaching Center.


  • They conduct research using scientific methods.
  • They have a system in place to track errors.
  • They offer knowledgeable reference materials as well as engaging discussion forums.
  • They depend on a high-tech infrastructure.

Contact Details

Address: Chandrasheel apartment, 3rd floor near hotel Surya opposite MJM Hospital, Ghole road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune

Phone- 091305 06863


5. Vihaan’s IAS Academy

Vihaan IAS Academy believes that UPSC training requires a thorough and centered approach, so we’ve attracted one of the most comprehensive and focused General reports, Public Administration, and other optional newspaper courses. The VIHAAN IAS ACADEMY could be your PUNE instruction institute, assisting aspirants in passing the UPSC CSE Examination. Mrs. Shilpa Balyan established Vihaan IAS academy in Pune in 2010 with the aim of assisting aspirants in becoming tomorrow’s pioneers.


  • Each batch of students is limited to 20 or 30 students.
  • They are best known for their training in public administration as an elective.
  • Their research materials are thorough, up-to-date, and among the best.

Contact Details

Address: Flat No-308, Shantakaram Apartments, Near Ranka Jewellers, Laxmi Road, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411030

Phone- 9423792976


6. Abhyankar IAS Academy

In Abhyankar’s IAS Academy, an educational innovation was created to hone students’ responses, create information with accuracy and precision, and excite imagination. College students are exposed to a whirlwind of substantial and advanced thinking that prepares them to grow as individuals and to navigate and imitate issues. Our strategy includes importance, which is associated with this particular reality. To strengthen this function, we limit the number of pupils in each batch to thirty. This Academy’s hallmark may be “important emphasis on small details.” There are morning and evening UPSC batches open.


  • Sociology, Public Administration, Essay, Current Affairs, and Essay are the most common subjects taught at the institute.
  • In the area, they provide excellent personality interview coaching.
  • The infrastructure is outstanding, as are the study materials.
  • Small batch sizes are used.

Contact Details

Address: 104 Unique House, Nargis Dutt Road, Opp Central Bank of India, Model Colony (near Autolines petrol pump), Shivaji Nagar Pune 411 005

Phone- 093710 29463


7. Vijeta | Best IAS Coaching in Pune

Vijeta Academy is the most well-known IAS school in Pune. They have gained popularity as a result of their fee structure, which is very low in Pune. This academy’s study materials are excellent, and the faculty is extremely knowledgeable. That is why they consistently produce positive results. Vijeta IAS Academy is the No. 1 Civil Services Exam Preparation Institute in Pune.


  • We have been mentoring IAS students for over a decade to ensure their success in administrative careers and in life.
  • To bring out the best in students, today’s seasoned and highly trained teachers used result-oriented methodologies and a customized guidance approach. (IAS Aspirants).
  • If you want anything, we will obtain it for you. You can now join the Vijeta’s Group for UPSC CSE Preparation as well. IAS aspirants can get counseling and coaching from Vijeta IAS Academy in Pune.

Contact Details Vijeta best IAS Coaching in Pune

Address- Opp S.P. College, Khajina Vihir Chowki, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

Phone- 020 2446 0405


8. Pioneer IAS Academy

Pioneer IAS Academy Pune provides a structured approach to study, revision, and investigation, as well as the development of skills required for the UPSC CSE Exam. Our college students will receive private counseling and mentoring from Pioneer IAS Academy in Pune. Pioneer IAS Academy offers an engaging, student-centered learning approach to IAS Preparation. They take just 30 or more students in their batch size because they personally direct each student. In addition, this academy’s previous year’s results were excellent. Pioneer IAS Academy in Pune is a dedicated and dedicated IAS that is designed to help you achieve your goals.


  • Pioneer IAS Academy in Pune provides specialized IAS training.
  • Develop a method of UPSC exam preparation that is analytical, logical, and rational.
  • Pioneer IAS Academy in Pune provides regular tests and response writing practice.
  • Pune’s Pioneer IAS Academy The emphasis is on design growth, which was tested in the UPSC CSE.

Contact Details

Address: Tilak Road 304/305 3rd floor,Pinnacle Prestige ( Near Durvankur Hotel Above Cosmos bank, opposite Maharashtra Electronics, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

Phone: 090962 95253


9. Chanakya | Best IAS Coaching in Pune

This Academy is also well-known for hosting seminars that its director prepares. Chanakya IAS Academy has several branches in India. Chanakya IAS Academy’s faculty is well-educated and experienced. As a result, it is regarded as one of the best upsc coaching institutes in Pune. Chanakya IAS Academy Pune, Maharashtra has provided many IPS, IRS, and IFSC from its Pune site. Chanakya IAS coaching institute is well-known for its live online classes, MPSC training, optional courses, and CSAT classes for UPSC. The UPSC mock test set, according to Chanakya IAS Academy, is the most critical aspect of cracking the UPSC review.


  • They have weekly discussions on current events.
  • They have a good and well-trained teaching staff.
  • They make extensive use of technology in their classrooms.
  • Guest motivational sessions with UPSC toppers are held.
  • They have a decent mock test and interview practice program.
  • One of their highlights is a state-level quiz.

Contact Details

Address: 4th Floor, Millennium Tower, Bhandarkar Road, Opp. Kotak Mahindra Bank, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004


10. Lakshya IAS Academy

Because of their classroom program, the Lakshya Academy is at the top of the list of top coaching in Pune. They give their students a full course. This academy is well-known for their successful students’ workshops, seminars, and conferences. The Lakshya Academy Coaching in Pune is well-known for its IAS Exam Preparation. Because of the Unique Academy in Pune’s IAS Faculties, IAS Notes, and Past Year UPSC Result. Lakshya IAS Academy offers better IAS training facilities and faculties than other IAS coaching institutes in Pune.


  • Their programs emphasize conceptual learning and are tailored to the UPSC’s most recent syllabus and question patterns.
  • The institute has a fee structure that is reasonable.
  • Batch sizes are kept small to facilitate one-on-one contact between faculty and students.
  • They have a good infrastructure in place.

Contact Details of Lakshay Best IAS Coaching in Pune

Address- No. 518, 1st Floor, Ramprasad Building, Sadashiv Peth, Beside Jnyanprabodhini, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

Phone- 089760 09700



Hopefully, this article has given you enough information about the UPSC preparation options available in Pune, but are these the only options available? Definitely not. You’ll need the best guidance and study plan, as well as the most valuable mock exams, to shape your IAS training. The outstanding one-on-one mentoring you will receive here will help you stand out from the crowd in the upcoming UPSC test.

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