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Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur

For anyone interested in the Civil Services Examination, IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur are all that is needed. Serving the country is...

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Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

For anyone interested in the Civil Services Examination, IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur are all that is needed. Serving the country is a dream that almost everyone has at some stage in their lives, but due to a variety of factors, not everyone is able to realize their dream due to a variety of factors, the most important of which is cutthroat competition. You’ll need money, content, guidance, and a lot more to keep up with the rising rivalry, which you can get from the Best Institutes For IAS Coaching in Jaipur. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Coaching Institutes for IAS Training in Jaipur to assist you.

If you’ve been under pressure to pass IAS, one of the country’s most difficult exams, while also searching for the best IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur, you’ve come to the right spot. Most of the time, the right institute combined with the right amount of effort will propel you to the pinnacle of success. This post, on the other hand, will assist you in making your dreams a reality. In this post, we will discuss the best IAS coaching in Jaipur that has carved out a niche for itself over time.

The Indian Administrative Service, or IAS, is one of the government of India’s 24 services. It is one of the most prestigious. The UPSC, or Union Public Service Commission, administers this test every year as part of the CSE, or Civil Service Examination. Prelims, Mains, and Interview are the three stages. You will need the assistance of an IAS coaching in Jaipur to complete the IAS syllabus.

Why Choose IAS Coaching in Jaipur?

The best IAS coaching center in Jaipur will assist you in preparing for the IAS test. The top ten IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur are listed below, from which you can choose any UPSC coaching institute. The best civil services coaching in Jaipur will assist you in studying for the IAS Exam. The top IAS coaching institute in Jaipur was chosen based on a variety of factors like student feedback, IAS faculty, UPSC coaching infrastructure, and so on. IAS Exam Preparation in Jaipur, along with these top IAS coaching institutes, will undoubtedly assist you in passing the Indian Administrative Services test.

The IAS Exam aspirants in Jaipur are based, which means that their presence of mind and concentration must be razor-sharp, and their calculative pace must be at its peak, making it difficult to succeed in the IAS Examination. For the best IAS exam training, you can enroll in the best IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur.

Look at the IAS Courses offered in IAS Coaching in Jaipur for IAS Preparation in Jaipur – General Studies (Prelims + Mains + Essay + CSAT), Distance Learning Program with Mock Tests, Foundation Course (NCERT), Foundation Course for Ongoing Graduates, Jaipur Administrative Services, WBCS, Online Mock Test (Prelims), Offline Mock Test (Prelims), Online Mock Test (Mains), Offline Mock Test (Mains), Offline Mock Test (Mains), Offline Mock Test (Mains), Offline Mock Test (Mains), Offline

When you have to do it yourself, finding the best institute to begin your IAS preparations can be difficult. From obtaining the best research materials to remaining inspired until the preparations are completed. It will be easier for you to complete the preparations if you have the best IAS coaching institute on your side.

The IAS exam is well-known not only for the difficult marks it needs, but also for the fact that it is difficult for students in comparison, as more than 10 lakh students apply for all posts in the exam each year. This exam necessitates consistent effort and a high degree of handle intellect. Overall, tests are difficult to pass, but the only way to do so is to prepare and work hard. For this purpose, students enroll in a variety of classes and seek out the best tutoring possible in order to pass their exams.

Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur

  1. Legacy IAS Academy
  2. KSG Coaching
  4. Rau’s IAS Study Circle
  5. The Solutions IAS Institute
  6. Chanakya IAS Academy
  7. Astitva IAS Academy

RANK 1. Legacy IAS Academy

For civil service exam training, Legacy IAS Academy is one of the most reputable IAS Coaching institutes in India. Since its establishment, the Institute has consistently generated excellent results with the assistance of effective tutors, including seasoned IAS/IPS/IRS officers, academics, and exceptional tutors. Because of its facilities and cutting-edge teaching methods, it is regarded as the best IAS Coaching institute in India. For UPSC Exam training, join India’s No. 1 IAS Coaching in India.


  • With subject-specific faculty, the best coach for IAS training
  • The institute employs cutting-edge online and classroom training methods.
  • They have convenient and up-to-date research materials and notes that are aligned with the most recent syllabus.
  • Under the name Legacy IAS Academy, the centre provides free online classes as well as free videos for IAS training.
  • They have a long and consistent track record of IAS exam success.

Course Details

  • Foundation course (GS Prelims paper- I & II + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV + Optional subject)- 140,000
  • Optional Subject- 32,000
  • CSAT (GS Prelims paper- II)- 18,000
  • Essay preparation + Essay test series- 12,000
  • Prelims-cum-mains (GS Prelims paper – I +GS Mains paper – I, II, III & IV)- 95,000
  • Prelims preparation + prelims test series- 45,000
  • Prelims test series- 10,000
  • Mains test series- 19,500
  • Two years integrated course(Prelims-cum-mains X1 + Foundation course X1)- 1,80,000
  • 3 years integrated course(Prelims-cum-mains X2 + Foundation course X1)- 2,20,000

Contact Details

Address- #1535, 39th Cross Rd, Kottapalya, 4th T Block East, Jayanagara 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Phone: 096069 00004


RANK 2. KSG Coaching in Jaipur

The Khan Study Group, or KSG as it is more commonly called, is a well-known IAS Coaching in Jaipur that has gained the respect of students and aspirants alike. The Study Group is one of the best coaching institutes in the country, with classes taught by Dr. Khan of Delhi. The Khan Study Group assists you in achieving your goal of becoming an IAS officer by assisting you in passing the Civil Service exams and interview. Mr. Khan’s brainchild, the KSG, was established with the aim of realizing the aspirations of young students who aspire to be good IAS officers. Mr. Khan, who is in charge of the coaching institute’s operations, specializes in teaching General Studies. The KSG, which is passionate about your progress in the IAS exams, assists you in gaining the required confidence to graduate as a good IAS officer. The KSG has a host of success stories to its credit, including dozens of successful candidates who have passed through its portals.


  • On Tonk Road, the Khan Study Group has excellent infrastructure facilities, including spacious and well-ventilated classrooms. The KSG uses cutting-edge technology to deliver lectures that enable students to quickly grasp the essentials of the topic.
  • If you’re looking for a reputable academy that offers the best UPSC coaching in Jaipur, you can read the information below before deciding on one.
  • Learn about some of the outstanding institutes in your area that provide expert IAS training in Jaipur.
  • KSG IAS is one of them, and you should give it serious consideration. The institute has the strongest faculty team, which consists of outstanding professors with several years of experience.
  • Furthermore, the institute provides research materials that are much superior to reference materials.
  • Students need constant encouragement while studying, and KSG IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur is one that instills complete trust in its students and moves at their own pace.
  • For IAS aspirants, the test series conducted by this IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur is extremely beneficial.

Contact Details of KSG India | Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Address- 404, Apex Tower, Lal Kothi,Tonk Road, Jaipur 302015, India

Phone- +91 141 4052441, +91 141 2743441, +91 8290800441


RANK 3. IIISA | Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Preparation for the IAS Exam necessitates expert guidance and instruction, and IIIASA is one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur (Indian Institute for IAS Aspirants). IIIASA, which was established by Mr. Sajjan Pratap Singh, who is also the institute’s “builder director,” has a unique “distinction” in the field of IAS coaching for successfully training not only IAS aspirants but also serving government officials for various promotional exams. This IAS institute has established its own “distinct identity” in terms of harmonizing core “traditional principles” of teaching with modern technological paraphernalia, thanks to its “mission-driven” approach in an increasingly “commercializing” environment.


  • One of the best institutes in the city is the Indian Institute of IAS Aspirants in Jaipur. You will undoubtedly receive excellent training here.
  • Furthermore, the institute develops dynamic research methods to help you learn more effectively.
  • Enter the course without any reservations if you have full faith in this institute. Otherwise, you can continue reading to learn more about the other institutes on the list.
  • In the field of competitive exam preparation, the Indian Institute of IAS Aspirants in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a well-known name. The faculty at IIIASA is committed to assisting and guiding students who strive to dream big and accomplish great things.
  • The Civil Services Test is a difficult one that varies from time to time. The courses at this IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur are designed to help students cope with the changes that have been brought about, as well as assess and devise methods that will help them improve their capacity and do what is required.
  • This IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur has emerged as a distinct identity in terms of adopting its own teaching methods that aim to bring out the best results from the students’ side, based on a mission-driven approach.

Contact Details

Address: A-6, Basant Bahar Colony, Near Gopalpura Crossing, Tonk Road, Gopal Pura Mode, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Phone: 0141-272-0211


RANK 4. Rau’s IAS Study Circle

Rau’s IAS Study Circle is one of the most well-known IAS coaching centers in Jaipur and the surrounding states. Dr. S. Rau established the Study Circle in 1953 with the primary purpose of assisting young aspirants in passing the Civil Services Examination without difficulty. Rau’s IAS Study Circle’s management and faculty work tirelessly to achieve one common goal: the success of students who aspire to pass the Civil Services Examination and be accepted as IAS officers. Rau’s IAS Study Circle has gradually grown in prominence over the years, and it is now one of Jaipur’s top institutes and a major force to be reckoned with.


  • The Study Circle is now known as a specialist institution for IAS coaching that consistently produces strong and profitable outcomes.
  • The Study Circle identifies applicants with the necessary potential to participate in the Civil Services Examination and trains them to perfection so that they can easily pass the Civil Services Exam.
  • Rau’s IAS Study Circle faculty is made up of highly talented and accomplished educators and faculty, who, along with the Study Circle’s capable administrators, ensure that the Study Circle runs smoothly.
  • The aspirants’ devotion and dedication support the faculty’s and administrators’ efforts to ensure the institute’s performance.
  • In addition, tests are provided to assess the aspirant’s intellectual abilities, mental alertness, moral honesty, and leadership qualities.
  • Rau’s Study Circle aspires to make students not only competent IAS officers, but also ideal citizens of the region.

Contact Details

Address- Tower A, 3rd floor, UDB Corporate Tower, Nawal 1, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Near Fortis Hospital, Rajasthan- 302017

Phone- 0141 – 2740594, 7877036167, 9828367796, 6350296244


RANK 5. The Solutions IAS Institute

Another well-known name for IAS training in Jaipur is Solutions IAS. Many students have passed the IAS exam with flying colors since attending Solutions IAS. Students will benefit from distance learning, classroom coaching, and online training at Solutions IAS Academy in Jaipur so that they can train well and try out for the Civil Services. At Solutions IAS, you can research any area that interests you. Many people consider Solutions IAS to be the best IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur because of the abundance of resources and study material available to students preparing for the IAS test, as well as the qualified faculty who are available at your doorstep whenever you need them.


  • You may be wondering why Solutions IAS Academy is mentioned as one of the best UPSC coaching institutes in Jaipur. Simply read on to learn what you need to know.
  • Solutions IAS Academy offers video lectures, which are useful when students miss a lesson. They would never miss a lesson if they use video courses.
  • Student discounts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • As previously stated, the syllabus is completed on time.
  • Solutions IAS Academy has the smallest batch size, which allows workers to devote more time to individual students.
  • It is impossible to get along with a group of students if there are lots of them. The smaller the batch size, the greater the contact with the students.

Contact Details

Address: C-9, 80 Feet Rd, C Block, Mahesh Nagar, Gopal Pura Mode, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

Phone: 0141 217 8529


RANK 6. Chanakya IAS Academy

The best place for IAS training appears to be Chanakya UPSC coaching in Jaipur. The team is well-qualified to provide students with world-class coaching. Furthermore, there are many features that will help you prepare for IAS exams. Prepare to take just one course for the tests. Evening and morning IAS batches are also included in IAS batches. In reality, Chanakya IAS Coaching in Jaipur comes at a very low cost. Please review the specifics of Chanakya IAS Coaching in Jaipur’s Optional IAS Coaching in Jaipur.

Chanakya IAS Academy is one of Jaipur’s most well-known institutes, with a large number of aspirants for the coveted position of IAS officer. The Academy has the distinction of graduating over 3000 Civil Service officers who have served the country. The founder and Managing Director of Chanakya IAS Academy, Shri A.K. Mishra, also known as the “Success Guru,” is the guiding force behind the organization.


  • The Chanakya IAS Academy has some of the best state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a fantastic library and other modern conveniences.
  • Many students were able to pass the exam without difficulty thanks to the Academy’s excellent teaching methods.
  • Since Chanakya IAS Academy has an unblemished reputation as one of the best coaching institutes in the world, students from all over the country flock here to ensure their selection as an IAS officer.
  • Chanakya IAS Academy works tirelessly to realize aspirants’ aspirations by providing these courses in both English and Hindi. Furthermore, through a strict curriculum, the Academy ensures the candidates’ overall progress, including leadership qualities.
  • The Chanakya IAS Academy’s resounding success in Jaipur has led to the establishment of a number of branches across the country.
  • This IAS Academy in Jaipur is the ideal location or forum for you.
  • The IAS Institute in Jaipur offers the best IAS preparation services, including test series, UPSC previous year mock interviews, and the opportunity to practice your IAS interview with a role model.
  • There are numerous opportunities and methods for outstanding UPSC training that are difficult to express in terms. For more information, visit the Chanakya website.

Contact Details

Address: Jaipur Centre, Felicity Tower,1st floor,Plot no- 1, Sahakar Marg, above Harley Davidson Showroom, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

Phone: 077270 07328


RANK 7. Astitva IAS Academy

The Astitva IAS Academy is a well-known IAS coaching institute in Jaipur that specializes in IAS preparation. Astitva draws young aspirants from all over Jaipur as well as the surrounding areas. Aspirants are trained in all three aspects of the Civil Services Examination – Prelims, Mains, and Interview – at the Astitva IAS Academy. Dr. B.B. Singh created the Academy in 2005 with the aim of providing IAS aspirants with a high-quality coaching academy that would guarantee their selection into the IAS cadre. Dr. Singh’s ambition was to make the Astitva IAS Academy one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur. Astitva inspires students with zeal and enthusiasm to succeed in the IAS exams and graduate with honors.


  • Astitva IAS Academy’s aim is to meet the needs of students by preparing them to pass the IAS exams with ease.
  • The Academy’s infrastructure is state-of-the-art, with attractive and well-ventilated classrooms as well as a completely equipped library.
  • Astitva has a team of dedicated professors who work hard to ensure the students’ success.
  • Astitva IAS Coaching in Jaipur offers live UPSC CSE Exam classes. The IAS Institute focuses on Civil Services Exam Preparation with Laser Focusses.
  • From the very beginning of the IAS Course in Jaipur, the Institute put a strong emphasis on developing core fundamental concepts for UPSC exam preparation.
  • The best study material is provided by this IAS Institute in Jaipur, which is focused on important books and national and international journals. Astitva IAS Coaching offers specialized seminars and conference facilities.
  • Astitva IAS Jaipur offers real-time cognoscente to answer all of your questions. This Coaching IAS is ranked 7th among the best UPSC coaching institutes in Jaipur.

Contact Details of Astitva Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Address- SP-12-13,Ganga Ram Nagar, Scheme No. 15, Near Riddhi Siddhi Chouraha, Gopalpura Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302018

Phone- 9460345178, 7597584075


The demand for the best IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur is increasing, and these institutes are meeting the demand by providing everything that students who aspire to become IAS officers and thus serve in the Indian administration and bureaucracy need. If you want to become an IAS officer, you should definitely contact one of these IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur for proper guidance, services, and support.

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