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Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Indore

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the Best IAS coaching in Indore to help you prepare for the...

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Best IAS Coaching in Indore

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the Best IAS coaching in Indore to help you prepare for the civil service exam. All of Indore’s Top IAS Coaching Institutes are listed here, along with contact information and coaching addresses.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Civil Services Test, which is regarded as one of the toughest in the world, in three stages: prelims, mains, and interviews. The IAS exam was held in a paper-and-pencil format. The IAS Prelims Exam consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs), while the IAS Mains Exam is a written descriptive exam. Candidates who pass the IAS Mains stage are invited to the next round, which is an interview with members of the UPSC Board of Directors. Officers in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and a variety of other services are available to those who pass all three stages of the IAS test.

IAS Coaching will assist you in easily passing the IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Exam. If you want to become an IAS Officer, coaching will assist you in your preparation for the IAS Examination in Indore. There are a number of IAS Coaching Classes in Indore that you can enroll in if you want to pass your IAS Exam on the first try.

We will assist you in selecting the best IAS Coaching institute in Indore. All of the institutes in our Top 7 IAS Coaching in Indore are well-known in the city. Based on our study, we’ve compiled a list of the Top IAS Coaching in Indore. Every institute on our list of Top IAS Coaching in Indore has been around for a long time and has been grooming IAS Officers for the region. Indore is one of India’s most expensive cities, which adds to the illusion. This list was compiled after carefully reviewing and compiling the findings of all of the institutes’ studies.

Top 7 IAS Coaching in Indore

  1. Legacy IAS Academy
  2. Tathagat IAS
  3. Kautilya IAS Academy
  4. Sharma IAS Academy
  5. Chanakya IAS Academy
  6. Drishti IAS Academy
  7. KSG India

RANK 1. Legacy IAS Academy

For civil service exam training, Legacy IAS Academy is one of the most reputable IAS Coaching institutes in Bangalore. Since its establishment, the Institute has consistently generated excellent results with the assistance of effective tutors, including seasoned IAS/IPS/IRS officers, academics, and exceptional tutors. Because of its facilities and cutting-edge teaching methods, it is regarded as the best IAS Coaching institute in Bangalore. For UPSC Exam training, join India’s No. 1 IAS Coaching in Bangalore.


  • With subject-specific faculty, the best coach for IAS training
  • The institute employs cutting-edge online and classroom training methods.
  • They have convenient and up-to-date research materials and notes that are aligned with the most recent syllabus.
  • Under the name Legacy IAS Academy, the centre provides free online classes as well as free videos for IAS training.
  • They have a long and consistent track record of IAS exam success.

Course Details

  • Foundation course (GS Prelims paper- I & II + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV + Optional subject)- 140,000
  • Optional Subject- 32,000
  • CSAT (GS Prelims paper- II)- 18,000
  • Essay preparation + Essay test series- 12,000
  • Prelims-cum-mains (GS Prelims paper – I +GS Mains paper – I, II, III & IV)- 95,000
  • Prelims preparation + prelims test series- 45,000
  • Prelims test series- 10,000
  • Mains test series- 19,500
  • Two years integrated course(Prelims-cum-mains X1 + Foundation course X1)- 1,80,000
  • 3 years integrated course(Prelims-cum-mains X2 + Foundation course X1)- 2,20,000

Contact Details

Address- #1535, 39th Cross Rd, Kottapalya, 4th T Block East, Jayanagara 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Phone: 096069 00004


RANK 2. Tathagat IAS Coaching in Indore

Tathagat IAS Coaching is located in Indore. However, it is regarded as one of the best IAS Coaching centers in Indore in terms of best UPSC, IAS, and IPS coaching. This institute’s professors are extremely professional and helpful. You can contact them at any time, not only in class, but even outside of class, if you have any questions. Every subject has a thorough discussion and description here. This institute provides you with comprehensive well-researched and creative course materials as well as mock tests for training, in addition to the best faculties’ guidance.

This institute’s coaching prepares you well for your overall exam as well as for job selection. Simply put, it is a very nice approved institute that provides the best in-depth training for IAS or the entire UPSC syllabus at the lowest fee coverage. Computer learning is also encouraged as part of your complete IAS training to improve your tempo, accuracy, and instant knowledge and ideas in the exam. Last year, nearly 30 people were chosen from this institute. Now is the time to sign up for a free demo and decide whether you want to participate.


  • The Tathagat IAS Indore provides top UPSC expert faculty with more than 10 years of experience to help many people realize their dream of being an IAS Officer.
  • Tathagat IAS Indore offers interactive IAS classroom courses.
  • Tathagat IAS Indore’s aim is to produce the best UPSC results possible.
  • The Tathagat IAS Indore offers separate IAS batches for English and Hindi medium students.
  • Tathahat IAS Indore is ranked second in Indore’s Top Civil Services Coaching Centers.

Contact Details

Address- Top Floor, Orange Business Park, Bhawarkuan Main Road,, Near Apple Hospital, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Pincode – 452001

Phone- 0731 – 4002328, 8839 – 177961, 84351 – 81328


RANK 3. Kautilya IAS Academy

Ashendra Mishra founded Kautilya Academy in 2003. In Indore, Kautilya Academy offers the best IAS coaching. There are more than ten Kautilya Academy coaching centers in Indore. This IAS Institute has knowledgeable faculty and mentors. The Kautilya IAS academy in Indore will provide you with the best tips and tricks for passing the IAS test. Kautilya Academy has small classes, making it easy to keep up with the class. Kautilya Academy offers full-fledged study material that is well-aligned with the current syllabus, online test series, online live courses, and doubt sessions, among other things, for a better learning experience. Before enrolling in a class at Kautilya Academy, you can familiarize yourself with the institute’s fee structure, staff, and facilities, as well as read feedback.


  • This institute was established with the aim of developing advanced and unique teaching methodologies that would aid students in learning by combining modern methods with an ancient approach.
  • For the convenience and support of students, Kautilya Academy also offers online tests. You will also learn from the Academy’s Specialists by receiving free advice and career counseling.
  • The Institute’s Library is equipped with all of the required amenities. Computerized Study Material aids in overcoming challenges and gathering useful information.
  • The Top Faculties for IAS Training in Indore are provided by Kautilya IAS Indore.
  • The Class Schedule and Small Batch Size at Kautilya IAS Indore make IAS Preparation a breeze.
  • IAS Course Packages of the Highest Quality, like CSAT Cum GS Cum Prelims, and IAS Mains. UPSC optional preparation with a fee structure that is reasonable.
  • The team of experts at Kautilya IAS academy Indore assists you with the best tips and tricks needed to crack the IAS test.

Contact Details of Kautilya Academy | Best IAS Coaching in Indore

Address: Bhavarkuan Main Road, Professor’s Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh- 452001

Phone: +91 95250 68121, +91 98939 29541, 0731 – 4266821, 4226615


RANK 4. Sharma IAS Academy

Surendra Sharma established Sharma Academy, a Civil Service exam preparation institute, in 2010. Sharma Academy is one of Central India’s most prestigious coaching institutes. In 2016, the MP chief minister presented Sharma Academy with the best education excellence award. This offer courses via pen drive, SD card, and tablet for distance learning. They also provide students with an online and offline mock test series. They also provide students with an online class, handwritten notes, and revised study material for a better learning experience. Sharma Academy is regarded as Indore’s best IAS coaching hub. If you want to join Sharma Academy, you should first learn everything there is to know about the Sharma Academy fee structure, teachers, and facilities, as well as read reviews before enrolling in a class. Sharma Academy is one of Indore’s most prestigious IAS coaching institutes.


  • Following the course conceived by its founder, the institute has achieved distinction. The institute has been very influential in helping future aspirants achieve their dreams, as shown by previous year’s success stories.
  • In terms of orientation, Sharma Academy is distinct from other coaching institutes. Classes are designed to prepare students for a specific test. At Sharma Academy, classroom instruction focuses on enhancing students’ ability to concentrate and understand.
  • Their goal is to foster and cultivate a competitive mindset among students. They offer you the tools you need to stay ahead in life by providing high-quality instruction.
  • They provide you with expertise, as well as high-quality advice and practice, to help you prepare for the future. National newspapers, intellectuals, and social leaders have praised our efforts.
  • As a result, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh named Sharma Academy the “Leading e-learning Academy of MP” (for UPSC/ IAS/ MPPSC). The Academy has also received the Madhya Pradesh State Education Minister’s “Education Excellence Award 2016.” Sharma Academy invites you to join its popular bandwagon and to ensure a bright future for yourself.

Contact Details of Sharma Academy | Best IAS Coaching in Indore

Address: 81/12, Patni Pura Square, Nanda Nagar, Patni Pura- 452003 (Near LIG Square).

Phone: 9152890291.


RANK 5. Chanakya IAS Academy

Mr. A. K. Mishra, also known as Success Guru, founded Chanakya IAS Academy in 1993. In Indore, Chanakya IAS Academy offers IAS training. Chanakya IAS Academy is one of India’s most prestigious IAS coaching institutes. Chanakya IAS Academy has 18 centers spread throughout the region. It also offers preparation courses for the IAS, IFS, IPS, and other Civil Services examinations. Students at Chanakya IAS Academy have access to an effective faculty team. At Chanakya IAS Academy, all of the teachers are experts in their fields.

Daily classes and practice tests are held at Chanakya IAS Academy. It offers online live lectures, online test series, webinars, and extra doubt sessions to students for a better learning experience. If you want to enter Chanakya IAS Academy, you should first learn about the fee structure, faculty, and facilities, as well as read feedback before enrolling in a Chanakya IAS Academy class. This institute is regarded as one of Indore’s best IAS coaching institutes.


  • The institute’s mission is to assist, guide, and mentor students from both the Hindi and English mediums so that they can achieve success and realize their IAS dreams.
  • The faculty of this institute ensures that students develop a competitive attitude in themselves by providing superior quality teaching and paying close attention to each pupil.
  • The institute also organizes workshops and seminars with the help of civil servants and industry experts in order to improve students’ academic perspectives as well as their overall personality.
  • Not only does the academy place a premium on subjects and curriculum, but it also takes on the burden of teaching leadership, social, and ethical responsibility so that future bureaucrats can avoid bankruptcy.
  • Chanakya IAS Indore, also known as the Top IAS Institute, aims to provide the best possible guidance and mentoring to help students pass the UPSC CSE Exam.
  • The Chanakya IAS Institute in Indore has made many IAS Exam aspirants’ dreams come true.
  • The Chanakya IAS Indore Institute continues to host workshops and seminars where civil servants, bureaucrats, and industry experts are invited to boost the morale of civil service aspirants.
  • Students enrolled in the Institute’s top IAS courses learn about ethics, leadership, fairness, sociality, and morality at the Chanakya IAS Coaching Centre. All of these attributes are needed for an IAS career to be effective.

Contact Details

Address: Chanakya IAS Academy, Indore Branch, 120, 1st Floor, Veda Business Park, Bhawarkuan Square, AB Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh- 452001

Phone: +91-9713094222


RANK 6. Drishti IAS Academy

Drishti IAS Indore was established in 2003 with the aim of providing high-quality IAS Coaching Classes in Indore. This IAS Coaching is regarded as one of Indore’s best IAS coaching institutes. After enrolling here, many students from Drishti IAS Indore are achieving great success. Anu Kumari also enrolled in order to achieve the top spot. Drishti IAS’s teaching method is excellent, and the faculty members have superior expertise to assist students in a variety of ways and to clear their concerns quickly. Before enrolling in a class at Drishti IAS, you can familiarize yourself with the institute’s fee structure, staff, and facilities, as well as read feedback. Drishti IAS Academy offers some facilities to students for a better learning experience.


  • Drishti IAS also provides its students with up-to-date study materials.
  • Drishti IAS offers subject-specific notes.
  • For those who are unable to attend the center, it also offers an online exam scheme.
  • Students will take a mock test at Drishti IAS Academy to assess their chances of passing the exam.
  • Interview training by experts is also available at Drishti IAS Academy. That is why it is recognized as Indore’s best IAS academy.
  • Drishti IAS is a pioneering Civil Services Exam Preparation Center in Indore. The Indore IAS Institute has produced a large number of IAS officers through its coaching center.
  • Drishti IAS Indore also offers Online IAS Classes, which have aided many IAS aspirants in Indore who are unable to afford regular classroom IAS training.
  • The Institute continues to conduct IAS mock tests and evaluations in order to produce the best IAS results from its Indore City IAS Center.

Contact Details

Address: 3rd Floor, Sundaram Complex, Opposite Icici Bank, Bhawarkua Main Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh Pincode  452001

Phone: 9926270141


RANK 7. KSG India | Best IAS Coaching in Indore

KSG IAS Coaching is an Indore-based institute whose full name is Khan Study Group. This Coaching is one of India’s most well-known institutes for UPSC or Civil Service preparation. This Best IAS Coaching institute has a slew of well-run branches across India, with the majority of coaching at a high level; however, we rank it ninth in Indore due to a slight underperformance. If you enroll in this institute for UPSC Coaching in Indore for your complete UPSC preparation, you will receive outstanding uncertainty-free coaching from highly skilled and knowledgeable resources.


  • To keep students up to date, they offer advanced technology-enabled courses. Every Khan Study Group program is goal-oriented and developed by expert faculty to help you stay on track.
  • Khan Study Group has established itself as one of India’s leading educational institutes for IAS preparation.
  • Their students have access to smart courses, daily classes, study materials, test series, video lectures, distance learning services, and online admissions.
  • Before enrolling in a class at the Khan Study Group Institute, you can familiarize yourself with the institute’s fee structure, staff, and facilities, as well as read feedback.
  • KSG IAS Indore focuses on producing a large number of civil servants who will aid in the proper functioning of our nation, India.
  • Khan Research Group IAS Institute teaches techniques that are one-of-a-kind in nature and has years of experience teaching the Civil Services Exam.
  • They provide preparation for a variety of entrance exams, but IAS is one of their most popular programs.
  • Their research materials are adequate and current.
  • The faculty is also knowledgeable and has a pleasant teaching style.
  • Former students have praised their infrastructure and teaching methods.
  • Their mock test series has a significant effect.

Contact Details

Address: 232 – 233, Veda Building, Bhawar Kuan Chowk, Near Apple Hospital, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, pincode :- 452001.

Contact Number – 9893772941, 07314977441


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Indore a good place to learn IAS?

Indore is an excellent place to study for the IAS Exam. IAS Faculties, IAS Coaching, and IAS Study Material are all available in the city. Indore is a good place to study for the IAS exam.

2. Is Delhi or Indore a better choice for IAS training?

Indore now has all of the IAS exam preparation facilities that Delhi does. By preparing for IAS in your own city, Indore, you can at least save on living costs, food, and other expenses.

3. What is the best UPSC (IAS) coaching in Indore?

According to our findings and research based on input from various IAS coaching centers in Indore, Tathagat IAS Academy is one of the best IAS exam preparation institutes. Civil Services Coaching in Indore is putting forth its best effort to produce a good UPSC result from the Indore Region.

4. How much does IAS coaching cost in Indore?

The cost of IAS coaching in Indore varies depending on the coaching center; each institute has its own fee structure for IAS classes. In Indore, however, there are approximately 1.3 lac IAS caching fees for a year. and IAS optional subjects fees are approximately Rs.40k.

5. How to Select the Best IAS Coaching Institute for Civil Services Exam Preparation in Indore?

The following criteria were used to rank IAS coaching in Indore:

  • IAS Study Material Size of Batch in Coaching Centers
  • Extensive IAS Study Material
  • Size of Batch in Coaching Centers
  • Faculty of the IAS Coaching and their Experience
  • The Class’s Previous Year’s Results – Past IAS Result

6. Which form of IAS training is best for working professionals: online or offline? Is there any online coaching that anyone can recommend? Is it truly beneficial?

Jobs, like UPSC tests, can be physically demanding. IAS coaching lessons will take up the majority of your day at the end of the week, and you’ll hardly have time on weekdays. As a result, you won’t be able to think of anything else, and you will lose focus in both. Online IAS training is also available; just consider the time commitment needed and whether you’ll be able to devote that much time.

The best strategy for passing the UPSC exam is to prepare independently. You can buy materials from various IAS coaching centers in Indore, and you can also find a number of coaching materials and books on the internet. You may also sign up for a test agreement or borrow from friends or coworkers. Coaching isn’t entirely useful in any situation; in your case, it’ll simply exhaust you and eat up all of your weekly time.

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