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Top 6 IAS Coaching Institutes in Agra

Are you looking for the best IAS training in Agra? According to their results and progress report, here is a rank wise...

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Best IAS Coaching in Agra

Are you looking for the best IAS training in Agra? According to their results and progress report, here is a rank wise list of Agra’s Top UPSC Coaching Institute for IAS PCS Coaching in Agra, with in-depth Topper reviews and ratings that can help you select a Top IAS Coaching in Agra. Choosing a top IAS Coaching in Agra for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation will save you a lot of time and make things easier for you by providing you with excellent guidance from experienced mentors.

Given the high level of competition for the UPSC Civil Services, the number of candidates enrolling in UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam coaching institutes has increased. Whether or not coaching is required to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam varies from person to person. Many candidates will be unable to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam without the assistance of coaching institutes, while others will enroll in coaching institutes but find that they are ineffective after entering. Candidates should think it through before making a decision to avoid wasting time and resources.


The city of Taj, Agra, is well-known around the world for housing one of the world’s seven wonders. People are flocking to Agra because of the Taj Mahal, and they want to settle down and prosper here. However, there was a period when the city’s educational institutions were lacking. Some teaching enthusiasts devised a solution to the problem and founded a slew of educational institutions throughout the region. Coaching institutes are also included in this list of educational bodies. IAS coaching institutes in Agra are a major part of these institutes. These institutes have successfully directed a large number of candidates via the IAS test.

The IAS, or Indian Administrative Service, is one of the many relevant exams held by UPSC. Prelims, Mains, and the personality test/interview are the three phases of this exam. There are two papers in the first round that must be passed before the candidate can proceed to the second round. In the second round, each candidate must complete seven papers to demonstrate their mastery of their chosen subject. The IAS query paper is bilingual in nature, and the rounds and articles have different durations.

Any candidate aspiring to be an IAS officer must be at least 21 years old on August 1st of that year. Each of the social parts has a maximum limit. Only Indian citizens are eligible to apply for the IAS. Either candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university or an equivalent degree from a reputable university. Students who are in their final year of high school are also eligible.

Many IAS qualifiers and toppers have come from Agra over the years. These winners have developed standards for their rivals to follow. IAS coaching institutes have played a significant role in assisting candidates in performing well. Let’s take a look at what makes some of them the top 6 IAS coaching centers in Agra.

Top 6 IAS Best Coaching Institutes in Agra

  1. Legacy IAS Academy
  2. Centre for Ambition
  3. Vajirao and Reddy IAS institute
  4. Dhyeya IAS Academy
  5. Rising IAS Academy
  6. Eten IAS Academy

RANK 1. Legacy IAS Academy

With their multi-layered teaching programs and various courses for every kind of aspirant’s needs, Legacy IAS academy is one of the best coaching you’ll find out there. The Legacy IAS Academy understands the challenging times of Covid and the situation of aspirants, so they provide a single program that you can attend via online platform during the restrictions and then enter the physical classroom afterwards. This online live course has been prepared after much thought. As a result, candidates who chose physical classes and those who are unable to do so all benefit from an intimidating atmosphere that fosters learning.


  • One of the major drawbacks has been addressed, as the Legacy IAS course allows for simultaneous doubt and issue resolution during live classes.
  • The online physical environment is similar to an offline class in which the instructor has an additional screen for questions and class appearance when delivering their class.
  • When it comes to the Best IAS Online Coaching from Legacy IAS, quality assurance is a top priority.
  • They ensure that all three stages of exams are focused on as required, and that information is incorporated and partitioned in the same way as one-on-one contact with a student.
  • As a result, all of your doubts will be dispelled, and all you’ll be left with is precise information and advice for your success.
  • Early and convenient class times guarantee a planned classroom experience, allowing you to revise and prepare at your leisure.
  • In the evening, students will be given an overview of newspapers such as The Hindu and latest magazines so that they can quickly catch the basics and save time.
  • Instead of pre-recorded lessons, Legacy IAS offers live interactive sessions that allow for immediate doubt resolution and clarification, rather than prolonging the issue.
  • The live classes are available in superior video streaming and HD quality, with simple visualization and minimal data use.
  • A thorough test series combined with effective revision methods is certain to transform an aspirant into a viable candidate. Only the preliminary stage will include 100 topic-based quizzes, 45 full-length prelims, and subject assessments. You’ll keep moving forward thanks to the compared location and review of response reports.
  • Legacy IAS online course is one of a kind, with weekly evaluations and the option to attend offline classes as well.

Contact Details

Mobile:+91 9606900004


RANK 2. Centre for Ambition | Best IAS Coaching in Agra

Centre for Ambition is one of Agra’s premier IAS coaching institutions, with the primary purpose of initiating and empowering their students to grow up to be extraordinary civil servants. Candidates for the Civil Services Examination at all three stages – Preliminary Test, Main Examination, and Personality Test – are prepared by India’s well-known Institute. Since its establishment, the Institute has assisted over 2000 students in gaining admission to the Civil Services, including the IAS, IFS, IPS, and other Central Services. Every year, a few of our students have gotten into the top ten popular candidates. Taking big, deliberate acts is the way to success.’ With this in mind at all times, we at Centre For Ambition are committed to providing the best possible education to candidates who seek our help in passing the Civil Services Exam.


  • The Institute’s teaching faculty is made up of highly trained and experienced teachers from Central Universities and other reputable institutions. A minimum of two teachers are usually hired for each subject to provide quality education and guidance. The applicants are directed by ten teachers in General Studies.
  • Since its establishment, CFA IAS coaching centre in Agra has been one of the best IAS training institutes. More than 2,000 students have benefited from this institute’s advice in order to succeed in the UPSC exams.
  • If you’re thinking of enrolling in this institute, you’ll want to learn about the features it has to offer. First, let’s have a look at that. The classrooms at the Agra-based Centre for Ambition IAS Institute are an excellent place to begin IAS preparations. The library is also another addition to the unique courses available to students here.
  • The Center for Ambition has always guided students to bring out the best of them since its inception. As a result, the students have improved in all areas and have qualified for IAS.
  • This commitment to students’ overall growth has earned them a reputation as one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Agra. IAS aspirants can select from a variety of programs at the Center for Ambition.
  • These programs are offered at a low cost so that students from all walks of life can take advantage of them. The faculty ensures that all of these activities are well-managed. Guest speakers are scheduled on a daily basis to encourage students to work harder.

Contact Details

Address: 29, Kailash Vihar Khandari, Agra-282001, India

Phone: +91-9720999654, +91-9219631474


RANK 3. Vajirao and Reddy IAS Academy

When looking for the best IAS coaching institute, students come across a plethora of options that promise excellent results. It is one of the most well-known IAS coaching institutes in Agra, with a reputation for providing aspirants with high-quality career guidance. The VAJIRAO & REDDY INSTITUTE is Agra’s most well-known and oldest institute. This institute has the ability to train students for our country’s most difficult and demanding study. In the area of IAS coaching, it has over 22 years of experience. A group of nine excellent teachers who cover all of the IAS topics, including sociology, general studies, public administration, geography, history, and CSAT. Each instructor is an expert in his or her field and has a wealth of experience. A new batch will begin on June 1st, 2013, and interested students can apply as soon as possible.


  • Year after year, we are training tomorrow’s leaders. As of today, the top IAS coaching institute in Agra. Vajirao and Reddy IAS Coaching is also one of the city’s oldest UPSC preparation centers. It also has a branch in Delhi. Hundreds of students travel to Agra and Delhi every year to study at this Best IAS Coaching Institute.
  • With over 30 years of experience, the Vajirao & Reddy institute has assisted many IAS aspirants in passing the exam. The highly qualified faculty strives to provide the required guidance for effective completion of the IAS.
  • They strive to make each candidate’s understanding of the principles crystal clear. Daily mock assessments and interviews are performed in order to maintain a competitive atmosphere.
  • After that, each IAS aspirant’s output is evaluated and suggestions for improvement are made. The faculty constantly works to ensure that students are familiar with newer technology and current events.
  • They host a variety of quizzes and immersive sessions to help people learn more. This often aids candidates in resolving their questions and being transparent about their concerns.
  • Agra’s Vaijirao and Reddy IAS Institute is a prestigious institution. It offers effective study materials for IAS training to its students. Since the notes and handouts given by Vaijirao and Reddy IAS Institute are prepared by experts, they are concise and extremely useful to students.
  • This institute offers a variety of methods for learning, comprehending, and memorizing the subject’s chapters. Students learn how to efficiently handle their time and learning. Since the UPSC syllabus is vast and wide, proper time management and guidance are needed to cover it. Vajirao and Reddy IAS Institute offers its students the opportunity to learn IAS training tricks and techniques.
  • Vajirao and Reddy Institute offers students an attractive fee structure so that they can attend the best IAS coaching in Agra. They accept debit cards and online payment systems as forms of payment. It also offers free pre-admission therapy to students.
  • Students can study for the UPSC exam in both Hindi and English here. The Vajirao and Reddy IAS Institute’s teaching faculty is fluent in both languages. This institute’s instructors are highly trained and experienced.

Contact Details

Address: 37/1, Dayal Bagh Rd, Near T-Mart, New Agra Colony, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282005

Phone: +91-8171181080, +91-9999458938


RANK 4. Dhyeya IAS Academy

Since 2003, Dhyeya IAS has been training students for prestigious jobs in Indian administration. It is assisting IAS aspirants in achieving their goals by passing the UPSC test. This institute’s goal and mission are to provide quality education to aspirants without discrimination based on caste, ethnicity, religion, financial status, or gender. One of Agra’s most popular coaching institutes is the Dhyeya IAS Institute. Every year, Dhyeya IAS students position in the top ten of the UPSC test. In the last five years, the Dhyeya IAS Institute has generated excellent results. Dhyeya IAS’s teaching staff is highly trained and experienced. They have more than ten years of teaching experience and know how to get the best out of each and every student.


  • Dhyeya IAS’s classroom sessions are tailored to meet the needs of all students. Dhyeya IAS’s instructors assist all freshmen and students who have been studying for the UPSC exam for months or years. The classroom is outfitted with all of the requisite technological devices, such as computers and projectors.
  • It’s a five-year integrated program that covers the whole UPSC curriculum. It is a three-year program for students pursuing their bachelor’s degree. It includes General Studies as well as the Mains optional topics.
  • Preparing for personal interviews and completing a test series. They offer the most effective means of practicing and preparing for the UPSC test.
  • They have a long list of accomplishments to their credit. After studying at Dhyeya IAS Institute, many of its students have passed the UPSC test.
  • This IAS institute’s classroom training sessions are the finest in Agra. Students are taught by trained instructors and practitioners. The coaching institute offers internet access, as well as a library and stationary to its students.
  • Students are given regular assessments and mock interviews to help them prepare for the UPSC prelims, mains, and personal interviews. Students are given study materials that are concise, current, and useful.
  • Distance learning programs are available for students who live outside of Agra. They also offer scholarships to students who are financially disadvantaged.

Contact Details

Address: 37-1, Dayal bagh Road near t-mart, Vidya Nagar, New Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Phone no.: +91-7017905563, +91-9997414249


RANK 5. Rising IAS Academy | Best IAS Coaching in Agra

Rising IAS Academy is one of Agra’s most well-known IAS schools. Ravi R. Chokkalingam created it in 2007. In the UPSC test, more than 800 students from this coaching institute were chosen. This coaching institute has been a big success in Agra, and it is planning to open more locations across India. Rising IAS Academy is a coaching institute that offers a forum for students who want to excel in competitive exams such as the UPSC IAS. It creates an atmosphere in which each aspirant’s mind can be stimulated and the right path to success can be built.

Candidates here devote their whole time to their studies. The online course module is for students who are unable to attend classes at the institute. Students will begin their studies as soon as they purchase a course by using effective learning software. Rising IAS Academy’s dedicated faculty is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer students’ questions. This academy also offers a Daily Vocabulary module, in which students learn new words every day and greatly expand their vocabulary.


  • Backed up by an illustrious panel of educators Rising IAS Academy aspires to be the best IAS coaching center in Agra. Over the years, the faculty has worked hard to provide high-quality research materials and sufficient guidance.
  • This IAS coaching institute’s students have consistently delivered outstanding results. The faculty has been motivated to work harder as a result of this. Teachers strive to provide education that is simple to understand and maintain for a long period of time.
  • For a greater understanding of the students, the faculty creates unique notes. Students will get answers to their questions right away because the teaching approaches are creative and interactive.
  • For students’ training, the Rising IAS Academy offers test series, sample articles, and mock test papers.
  • They have a highly trained teaching staff and faculty. The teaching methods are excellent and very beneficial to the students.
  • Mock tests and quizzes are provided frequently to assess the students’ progress.
  • Detailed instruction manuals.
  • Clarification of definitions is emphasized in order to improve efficiency.
  • Tests are provided on a regular basis and are based on previous year’s articles.

Contact Details

Address: Khandari crossing, NH-2 bypass, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Phone no.: 09368547170


RANK 6. Eten IAS Academy

Eten IAS Academy is well-known in Agra for UPSC preparation. It is a technology-driven coaching institute that uses technology to keep its students aware and up to date. They offer a variety of programs for students from both within and outside the state of Agra. Their students benefit from expert advice and advanced preparation. It is Agra’s best IAS coaching. Eten IAS Academy, which was established with the aim of excelling in all fields of education, has come a long way since its inception.

They’ve created detailed study guides for students and ensured that their methods are implemented in a professional manner. Their commitment to preparing students to pass the exam has earned them a reputation as one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Agra. Eten IAS Academy performs a variety of mock interviews to help applicants gain interest. After that, each of the mock interviews is reviewed and discussed separately to ensure that all of the poor areas are addressed.


  • The Eten IAS Academy’s session is specifically tailored for all students. It allows students to quickly understand all that is taught in class.
  • They only take a small number of students in each batch. The class isn’t overcrowded. As a result, every student has an equal opportunity to learn and clarify their doubts. Teachers are also capable of properly guiding each pupil.
  • Eten IAS Academy has grown to become one of the most sought-after IAS coaching institutes in Agra over the years. The dedicated efforts of the faculty to polish the personality characteristics and expertise of the students are the reason for this achievement.
  • They have developed into excellent mentors as a result of their relentless efforts to help these students become IAS qualifiers and toppers. Their outstanding faculty devises numerous methods for retaining subject matter for longer periods of time.
  • They also provided the country with a number of IAS officers who have assisted the country in being a better place to live.
  • They offer a variety of schedules that are suitable for both full-time and part-time students.
  • The study guides are written in a professional manner and are simple to understand.
  • Excellent advice on how to write well-written responses.
  • The development of the students’ pace and accuracy is emphasized.
  • The importance of broadening students’ skills is emphasized.

Contact Details of Eten Best IAS Coaching in Agra

Address: Eten IAS, Civil Lines, 125-A, North Vijay Nagar Colony, Agra

Phone no.: 09654200517, 09654200523

With the right direction, absolute dedication, and hard work, you will achieve your goals. You can not only keep your dream alive, but also make the best possible preparations for it. Take a seat in one of the top 6 IAS coaching institutes in Agra to realize your ambition of becoming an IAS or IPS officer. Prepare for the IAS exam with the best IAS coaching institutes in Agra mentioned above and pass the UPSC. Contact them via emails or phone numbers for more information about the top 6 IAS coaching in Agra. Visit the website for more information on the fee structures of these best IAS coaching in Agra.

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